The Challenge

Context Media needed a better way to communicate project status internally and with all of their clients in a secure, controllable, and branded way. Off-the-shelf solutions lack customizability, are cost prohibitive at the necessary scale.

The Kickoff

We identified all of the stakeholders, workflow nuances, and pitfalls of the current off-the-shelf solutions to identify their biggest pain points. Once we identified the major requirements, we dug in deep with their data to identify the best way to summarize and present this information. By abstracting away the nitty gritty details, we gave Context Media the ability to easily deliver a customized and professional experience for all of their clients.

Reason Behind the Design

We began by wireframing a logical user flow that would easily allow admins to create a dashboard and manage users. The next step was to design a layout for the dashboard which was the main page their clients would be viewing. We tested layouts that would accommodate both small and large amounts of data since content was going to be dynamically pulling from Google Sheets. In regards to visual design, we created a clean design with a focus on the content. Also since Context Media already had an existing brand, we used a simpler version of their color palette and fonts to keep maintain a level of consistency. When creating a dashboard for a client, admins have the ability to include a client’s logo as well as a primary and secondary color to theme their view. This customization makes the client views feel more personal. We also created charts to provide clients with a visual representation of the data found in table, making the information very easily scannable.

The Outcome

An integrated, custom dashboard solution that puts Context Media in full control of branding and access control of project status information. We focused on making it easy for administrators to configure what is shown, while providing a easy and beautiful user experience for clients.

What’s Next?

We continue to work with Context Media to identify additional ways to communicate project status with their clients. As Context Media utilizes this platform for all of their projects, we will integrate the application with more of their internal workflows and provide other ways for clients to interact with their data.

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