The Challenge

More consumers are transitioning banking solely online. This transition makes it more important for local credit unions like Amplify to have a strong digital presence. A strong website is the starting point and hub for any companies digital experience.

Amplify wanted to redesign its website to push ahead of the curve in visual design, user experience, and accessibility. It also wanted to ensure the underlying technology of the new website was flexible and offered excellent performance.

The Discovery

We kicked off the project by flying out to Austin, TX to meet with the Amplify team in person. This allowed us to gain a thorough understanding of their business, goals, as well as what sets them apart from their competitors. We also brainstormed ideas for how the new website could improve their business.

The Design

We started by designing multiple options for navigational structures. We wanted to ensure that the flow of the new website provided users with a clear path to find Amplify’s products and services. Next, we designed a number of layouts and library of components that would allow the Amplify team to create new pages on their own without additional development work.

Our visual strategy for the new website was to highlight Amplify’s local presence in Texas. The local feel had to be clean and modern to compliment Amplify’s branches and brand. It was important to give visitors and members the confidence that Amplify is a leading and trustworthy credit union.

  • ADA Compliance: We thought about ADA compliance and accessibility throughout the project. Our team used several advanced compliance testing tools, including Siteimprove. These tools continuously scan the site for any potential issues. This continuous process ensures that the website is easy for people with disabilities to use and passes compliance testing.
  • Optimized for Conversion: When it came to designing the pages for Amplify’s banking products, we wanted to appeal to new visitors by highlighting key information they would need before opening an account with Amplify.

The Technology

  • Headless CMS: Using a content management system (CMS) gives the client complete control over the content without needing developers to make changes. Using a headless CMS means we have full control over the appearance of the site and can use the most advanced styling and code frameworks.
  • Static Site Builder: Generating a static site means faster load times and better SEO performance. Using a progressive framework (React Static) means we get the interactivity of a single-page app with the speed and performance of a static site.
  • Heroku: Heroku’s continuous deployment pipeline allows us to quickly push changes to the code, and we use background processes to automatically update the site whenever new content is published.
  • Custom Calculators: Interactive financial calculators for Amplify’s mortgage and savings products that pulls their rates as well pull rates of competitors to increase user engagement and conversion on the website.
  • Salesforce Connected Forms: We integrated with Salesforce so all the forms submissions throughout the website are sent directly into their Salesforce CRM.
  • Site Search: Quickly find the content you need that matches your keyword search across the hundreds of pages within the website.
  • “Their attention to detail in the discovery process, and their selective choice of questioning is what really stood out to me. The information they were able to gather from each business unit provided insights that have evolved beyond just our website and have moved on to shaping many aspects of our overall marketing strategy.”

What’s Next?

Now that the site is launched, we continue to work with Amplify to iterate and continually improve the site.

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