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Today's customer experiences require interactivity and usability.

Building truly engaging and slick user interfaces requires client-side Javascript. We use the best and most powerful tools such as React JS. Using Javascript and React results in the best mobile experience by building a single page application that doesn’t require a slow page refresh.

React is flexible so we can integrate with an existing database or API. Our development team leverages the Flux pattern and Redux to manage data flow. In addition, the component architecture helps with code reusability and maintenance.

With a simpler codebase, you can host your code anywhere, including Amazon AWS, at a very low cost. We’ll deploy your application and make sure it is built for scale and is cross-browser compatible.


An online commercial real estate marketplace.

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Why React.JS?

Built and used extensively by Facebook, React JS is a fast and flexible javascript library that enables us to efficiently build dynamic user experiences.

  • Code Reusability

    It utilizes a component-based, uni-directional data-flow architecture that encourages code reusability and simplifies the implementation of complex interactions.

  • Easy Deployments

    Rock-solid cloud deployments using Heroku and Amazon Web Services Scalable and robust data storage with Postgres and Amazon S3.

  • Scalable

    As an application grows, this architecture helps developers reason about application logic, simplifying feature addition and product growth.

  • Cutting Edge

    You can use React with any server-side development framework such as Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Django (Python), Larval (PHP), .NET, or SpringMVC (Java).

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