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We believe that every business, including non-tech businesses, should be able to build and launch meaningful software. Heroku removes the need for DevOps, greatly accelerating the development process and reducing the number of developers needed to stand up and manage an application. Heroku allows small teams to do big things, making it easy for non-tech businesses to compete in a digital era.

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Heroku Projects Delivered

Since our inception 8 years ago, we’ve helped over 200 organizations build successful technology on Heroku.

6 Years

as an Official Heroku Partner

In 2014, Heroku reached out to LaunchPad Lab to join their Partner Program because we had built so many applications on the platform. Since then, we have helped hundreds of businesses take full advantage of the powerful platform Heroku provides.

Leverage Heroku to its Full Potential

Add-On in the Heroku Marketplace

LaunchPad Lab built a Heroku Add-On which accelerates the process of developing a Salesforce-integrated web or mobile application.

LaunchPad Add-On
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    Collaborate with us to create a plan through our Software Blueprinting Workshop.

  3. Software Delivery

    Move into the Delivery Phase where LaunchPad Lab will design and develop the solution in ~3-4 months.

  4. Maintenance & Support

    Our Ongoing Success team will make sure your software is proactively maintained and supported over the long-term.

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