The Client

American Truck Business Services (ATBS) has been a pivotal partner for owner-operator truck drivers since 1998, offering crucial services like bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and business consulting. Helping over 150,000 truck drivers, ATBS enables them to run successful businesses and live their American Dream.

Project Overview

LaunchPad Lab collaborated with ATBS to develop a new mobile app, significantly modernizing its tech stack and user experience. This project aimed to create an integrated, streamlined platform for truck drivers, leveraging a Salesforce ecosystem.

What Was Holding ATBS Back?

Existing Challenges

  • Disconnected Experiences

    Users encounter inconsistencies across mobile and web apps, affecting engagement and retention.

  • Fragmented Systems

    Lack of a unified channel experience restricts full-service capabilities to users.

  • Data Storage Concerns

    Large data volumes in Salesforce pose compliance and space utilization risks.

  • Legacy Technology

    The legacy web portal technology risks increased support costs and potential service disruptions.

The Solution

LaunchPad Lab initiated the project with a Blueprint Workshop, guiding ATBS through the critical decision-making process regarding its technology update. Facing a discontinued Salesforce product for its client-facing web portal and a disjointed mobile experience, ATBS ultimately chose Heroku and Ionic as the foundations for this new solution.

  • Heroku is a cloud platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud.
  • Ionic is a platform that allows for the development of cross-platform mobile and web applications from a single codebase, streamlining the development process.

This decision was driven by the goal of achieving a cohesive and comprehensive user experience across web and mobile platforms, addressing challenges with outdated technology and disconnected user experiences.

The inclusion of Ionic simplified the UX design, allowing for a unified codebase that supports both web and mobile platforms efficiently. This approach facilitated the integration of complex native functionalities, such as:

  • Utilizing the phone’s camera and file browser.
  • Managing photo uploads and cropping.
  • Seamlessly handling PDF downloads and viewing on mobile devices.

The implementation also ensured that key features like Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet charts were effectively translated and functional across native devices, significantly enhancing the user interface and interaction across platforms.

Architecture Overview

Hear From ATBS

Client Testimonial

  • “Working with LaunchPad Lab to re-dream and re-build how our clients interface with ATBS has been a great experience. Our clients are independent contractors who are on the go and need access to tools and services that help them manage their businesses and taxes. We needed a modernized and unified tool that is flexible and responsive across most any type of device, and makes it easy to access key business information and securely send sensitive business documents to us. LaunchPad Lab designed a blueprint for us and delivered the ATBS Client Hub on-time and on-budget.”
    —Matt Amen, Vice President of ATBS

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Enhanced User Experience

    We utilized Ionic for a unified codebase across web and mobile, simplifying development and maintenance.

  • Seamless Mobile Capabilities

    With almost half of its 12,000 users being mobile users, ATBS is now able to provide a seamless experience across platforms and full mobile capabilities.

  • Technology Upgrade

    This new tech stack enabled ATBS to phase out Salesforce Authenticated Sites, reducing operational costs and tech debt.

  • Reduced Dependency

    We eliminated ATBS’s current reliance on third-party apps like Informatica, further cutting operational expenses.

  • Smooth Transition

    The Blueprint Workshop and the solution we provided ensured minimal workflow disruption for ATBS during the project.

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