Salesforce Development

Our team can help your business get the most out of your Salesforce org through custom development. From using Heroku to launch a new app to building a partner portal on Experience Cloud, we help our clients solve business challenges and bring new experiences.

In addition to this, we help you ensure that your data is integrated across all of your Salesforce products and any custom technology that we build to empower your internal teams and give you a 360-view of your customers.

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Our Process

Salesforce app development with LaunchPad Lab usually follows the below key stages:

  • Discovery

    During discovery, we’ll review your existing software and processes to understand more about your business and how Salesforce development can empower you to meet your goals. This includes mapping out new data models and planning any necessary migrations, such as migrating data into Salesforce. In this phase, we’ll also put together a blueprint roadmap that serves as our North Star during the duration of the project.

  • Development & Product Demos

    Once we have our roadmap defined, our Salesforce developers will dive in and start building. We’re big believers that proper communication is a critical component to project success, so we host bi-weekly demos to ensure you’re in the loop on progress and have the opportunity to provide feedback.

    Each week, you’ll hear from our team to ensure you’re in the loop on progress, and you can expect to see:

    • Bi-weekly demos for incremental delivery of custom work.
    • Weekly client meetings to ensure complete alignment throughout the project.
    • QA/test the system throughout the process.
  • QA & Testing

    Our team conducts QA throughout the course of development. During this time, we ensure the software and workflows are working as anticipated, eliminating any bugs that pop up along the way.

  • Internal Training & Enablement

    Documentation and training are a big part of preparing your product for launch. We can help provide recommendations and support you in training your team on how to use their new system.

  • Launch & Support

    We believe that web app development isn’t a one-and-done type of partnership. Following the launch of your product, we work together to develop a technology roadmap that considers user feedback and prioritizes additional features.

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