Blueprinting a foundation

A Properly Developed Roadmap is Key

Our Blueprint Engagement has proven to be a crucial first step in building world-class products. This collaborative discovery and design approach to digital product development provides an opportunity for your team and ours to come together as partners in shaping the vision and plan for your project.

Looking at projects from every angle

De-Risking Product Development Helps You:

  • Achieve the Desired Outcomes

    Starting with a blueprint workshop helps us get the project going down the right path out of the gate. This allows us to set the right direction, goals, and deliverables for the project to maximize the likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes.

  • Get Started Quickly

    Blueprinting greatly accelerates the process of software and product development, allowing our teams to spend focused time developing a plan for the project and building traction toward your business goals.

  • Create Alignment Between Teams

    Our teams will get to know each other during the blueprint, and build the trust and alignment necessary to execute in a high-performance manner.

  • Hire a Partner, Not a Vendor

    If you have a list of requirements and are simply looking for a shop to build to spec, we’re not the right partner for you. At LaunchPad Lab, we jump into your challenge with you and care about your success. The blueprinting workshop is all about embracing this philosophy and aligning our teams at a strategic level.

  • Design Together as a Cross-functional Team

    Everyone at LaunchPad Lab is a consultant. Each person on our team, whether they are a designer, engineer, product manager, or otherwise, plays an important role in shaping the product vision, strategy, design, and execution. When we combine our product builders’ expertise with our clients’ critical industry knowledge, we’re able to design and build truly world-class software products.

  • Involve Users and Stakeholders

    Talking to the people who are going to use the product is one of the most important steps in designing successful software. During our blueprint workshop, we will interview customers and stakeholders to make sure we build a product that solves real problems in an intuitive way.

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