The Challenge

Business teams have a difficult time sharing and collaborating on content. Team members typically resort to sending a lot of emails with multiple file attachments. This process breaks down once email threads get long with multiple versions of the same content attached. Current project management software doesn’t improve this situation as file attachments are difficult to manage and track.

The Kickoff

We started the process by brainstorming about how teams communicate around content. We talked to people who work on teams and identified problems they had with their current workflow. We found that people had a hard time keeping track of feedback and changes to content. After surveying various existing software products, we identified the key features that ContentWeb would focus on.


As a mobile-first web platform, creating a native experience was the biggest challenge of ContentWeb. From page animations to response times, we designed an interface that was uniform for both mobile and desktop users, while matching the feel of iOS and Android applications. Additionally, our design team concentrated on using color to inform rather than distract from a user’s decision making. Each company account can be customized, but the intent of what a user should do next is preserved. A simple, light-weight interface that looks great on both mobile and desktop was the result.


  • Advanced content searching
  • Real-time push notifications
  • Theme customization
  • Document version control
  • “The team was always responsive, and as active listeners, helped us define what we needed for our application to succeed.”
    —Adam Hartung, Co-Founder Content Laboratory


ContentWeb helps teams collaborate more efficiently. Team leaders can easily distribute relevant documents or media to their team while allowing team members to easily access the latest relevant content. Our focus was on putting content first and allowing communication to flow around each piece of content.

What’s Next

We continue to work with ContentWeb to support the application and address new feature enhancements. As the ContentWeb team on-boards new customers and companies, we work closely with them to support their sales efforts. This includes fine-tuning the application to more effectively engage new users. New customers requested weekly email digests of company activity and custom payment offerings. Our team quickly delivered these features to the ContentWeb platform to ensure customer satisfaction.

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