The Challenge

With over 550 buildings cleaned daily, Olympus Building Services was looking to reduce any inconsistencies and inefficiencies in their current operations. One area that stood out was  the process for managing the schedules of their employees. When it came to communicating changes to schedules and calling out non-daily tasks—there wasn’t a consistent process across the company and that’s something they wanted to standardize.

The Product Discovery

We flew out to Arizona to meet with their team to get a closer look into their current processes and technologies—which primarily consisted of word docs and excel sheets that are printed out and handed to employees on their first day. Conducting in-person interviews with the management team, managers, supervisors, and janitors helped give us a full picture of the current process as well as the various pain points. This allowed us to understand the priorities and create a game plan for the product.

The Technology

  • Manage Sites & Jobs: It’s easy to set up new sites and jobs. The Master Schedule highlights all jobs, types, employees, location, and weekly hours.
  • Schedule Builder: Provides standardization to schedules within the company and makes it easy to schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Periodic tasks.
  • SMS Integration: Using Twilio, we will a text to each employee an hour before their shift begins with a link to his or her schedule for the day.
  • Supports English and Spanish: Both texts and schedules are translated according to the employee’s specified language.
  • Track Completion Status: At the end of a shift, an employee receives another text asking whether they were able to complete all their tasks.
  • Shift Logs & Analytics: Supervisors can view a log of shifts and see whether an employee has opened the schedule texted to them, and what they responded after the shift ended.
  • “Their strength is their phenomenal ability to take our vision, understand it, and develop it. They found a way to implement our vision of the platform.”
    —Director of Operations at Olympus
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