The Challenge

Leadstream is a talented FinTech company that has experience working with data analytics. Leadstream  wanted to create an application that would convert leads into customers. This application needed to be simple, organized, and straightforward as to make the mortgage application process as easy as possible.

Discovery Workshop

We met with the Leadstream team to understand exactly how they developed targeted mortgage offers. Creating a user experience that eases potential customers fears about signing a mortgage was a top priority.

Reason Behind the Design

Once we had a solid understanding of the mortgage application process, we kicked off the design process by working closely with their team to wireframe out the flows. The conversational tone, breakdown of long questions, subtle animations, and highlighting a user’s progress were all strategic decisions we implemented since are proven to increase conversions. In terms of visual design, the wizard was designed in a flexible way to allow for white labelling so we can include their client’s logo and brand colors to give their users a more a seamless experience.

Technology & Process

Built with custom react components through React, a lightweight front-end framework, that allowed us to create a dynamic and interactive mortgage application experience, Leadstream’s application greatly simplified the mortgage process. Integration with an API allowed Leadstream to leverage every piece of data in their offer calculations by pulling it in from multiple different sources.

  • Lead Finder: System that pulls data from several different credit sources and translates it into customer leads.

  • Direct Mailer: After determining which clients to target, our application sends a specific email to each individual that is extremely customizable. It features information such as their current home value and refinancing options.

  • Online Application Wizard: Converts a lead by taking clients through a credit check process using pre-populated data.

  • White Label Application: Specifically tailors a mortgage offer to each individual based on income and credit history.

  • Admin Interface: Offers quick analytics for Leadstream executives on how campaigns are working. Allowed Leadstream to adapt their mailer strategy rapidly after the first round were sent.

  • Attribute Profile: Creates a fifty-point attribute profile, including:  credit scores, payment behavior, income levels, monthly expenditures, property valuations, neighborhood statistics, demographic data and lifestyle characteristics.

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