Dynamic Views for Web & Mobile Applications

Today's customer experiences require interactivity and usability.

Angular is a Javascript framework created by Google to allow developers to make HTML views more dynamic. Angular provides a complete Model – View – Controller framework to turn a static application into a dynamic and interactive application.

Angular is typically used in one of two ways. Developers either select specific parts of page that they will add a bit of Angular’s functionality to, or they use Angular for entire front-end, building a “single-page application.”

An example of using Angular for specific parts of the page would be if you had a list of items that you wanted users to be able to search or filter. In this case, it would be easier to just use Angular for the specific list of items that you want to be dynamically sorted, without relying on a page refresh.

An example of a single page application with Angular is Home Depot’s Store Finder. The application allows you to search for stores by zip code and filter by store features. All of this is done without needing to refresh the page.

Angular and their RESTful resources are flexible so we can integrate with an existing database or API. We typically use Angular with a Ruby on Rails backend, although it can be used with any server-side framework or language.


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