How HIPAA-Compliant Apps Work

When a healthcare application handles protected health information (PHI), your app must be HIPAA-compliant. Developing HIPAA-compliant apps for healthcare companies requires a number of modifications to both the specific features and the overall design of the app. At LaunchPad Lab, we offer custom application development services with a special focus on HIPAA compliance. All HIPAA-compliant apps must adhere to these four rules in particular:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Enforcement
  • Breach

Our Experience Developing HIPAA-Compliant Apps

Our LaunchPad Lab team is knowledgeable about balancing the restrictive requirements of HIPAA-compliant apps with a dynamic and empowering user interface. From helping you navigate your options to user authentication to designing features that have an automatic sign-out after a certain length of time, our team is here as one of the best digital product agencies to help you build engaging experiences for all kinds of healthcare audiences.

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