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Results driven

We Help Our Clients…

Increase the lifetime value of a customer by keeping them engaged and delighted.

We helped Apex Leaders reimagine their client experience with a custom web app.

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Support your growth goals with software that automates processes and creates efficiency.

We helped Empower Illinois award thousands of scholarships each year with a small team.

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Transform legacy tools and systems into modern architectures built to scale.

We helped Prosci transform from a tech straggler to a tech innovator.

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Attract and win more customers with advanced, high performing websites and streamlined user experiences.

We helped Isaksen Solar use a mobile app to find & convert more customers.

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Our Services

What We Offer

Our team of digital product experts works with you to transform your organization, leveraging the right services, the right skills, and the right technologies to build you the best digital experience possible.

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Aligned By a Common Goal

Building Collaboratively

Our favorite types of people to work with are the curious ones—those who want to be pushed to think outside the box and who want to understand the risks and benefits that come with digital product development. We don’t simply execute on a statement of work—and you shouldn’t want a partner who does, either.

We’re the right fit if you feel like you’re…

  • Falling behind in your industry
  • Frustrated by outdated or inefficient technology
  • Embarrassed about your website, app, or portal
  • Not getting the most out of Salesforce
Our Tech Stack

Modern Technologies To Drive You Forward

We build on both proven and emerging technologies to guide our clients toward the best solution for their individual challenges.

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Trusted by Hundreds of Businesses

  • “We were having a hard time defining what a path forward would look like, and working with LaunchPad helped us see what the path forward could be. We were able to better identify what we could do now and what we should save for later.”
    —Steve from Artlook
  • “The biggest reason I would recommend LaunchPad Lab is their ability to take what we had envisioned and, instead of being order takers, be actual contributors and collaborators to get us where we need to. They are not afraid to challenge what they don't believe is right.”
    —Arman from Kubo Health
  • “LaunchPad is absolutely interested in our success as an organization. They see our success as an indicator of their success, versus other outsourced types of arrangements where frankly it's, "Hey, we coded this. It's done to spec. If you don't like it, you should've written a different spec." I got none of that working with LaunchPad Lab. They're in it with us all the way.”
    —Neil from SimplyMerit
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