Your Business Deserves Great Software

We believe that every business, including non-tech businesses, deserves great software. We know it can be overwhelming to build the right technology for your company’s future. Fortunately, LaunchPad Lab has helped hundreds of businesses transform their technology from a house of cards to a competitive advantage.


Projects Delivered

We’re Your Technology Team

Since our inception in 2012, we’ve helped over 200 organizations build successful technology to take their business to the next level.

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Proven Approach

We follow 3 simple principles that have proven to be foundational in building great software:

  • We partner with our clients through thoughtful strategy, alignment, and collaboration.

  • We deploy small, cross-functional teams of in-house product builders that care about the outcomes.

  • We think big but start small to deliver value early and often.

Happy Clients

85% of our clients work with us for more than 1 year.

  • Steve from Artlook
    “We were having a hard time defining what a path forward would look like, and working with LaunchPad helped us see what the path forward could be. We were able to better identify what we could do now and what we should save for later.”
  • Arman from Kubo Health
    “The biggest reason I would recommend LaunchPad Lab is their ability to take what we had envisioned and, instead of being order takers, be actual contributors and collaborators to get us where we need to. They are not afraid to challenge what they don't believe is right.”
  • Neil from SimplyMerit
    “LaunchPad is absolutely interested in our success as an organization. They see our success as an indicator of their success, versus other outsourced types of arrangements where frankly it's, "Hey, we coded this. It's done to spec. If you don't like it, you should've written a different spec." I got none of that working with LaunchPad Lab. They're in it with us all the way.”
Build, Grow, & Scale

Make Technology a Competitive Advantage

  • Reach Your Potential

    After working with LaunchPad Lab, your technology will begin to help your business reach its full potential. A roadmap for further innovation will materialize from the success of this first project, and your company will be well on its way toward making technology a competitive advantage.

  • Scale Your Business

    Most of our clients see tremendous growth after working with us. This is because technology is often the key to enable a small to mid-sized business to scale. By automating manual tasks and improving your customers’ experience, your revenue will climb without the need to grow your operations team.

  • Become a Technology 

    After working with LaunchPad Lab, you’ll be a savvy technology professional that is ready to take on disruption from Silicon Valley or anywhere else that is coming after your customers. In fact, if we work together enough, it is likely that you’ll be the one doling out some digital disruption in your industry.

Get Started

Getting Started on Your Project is Easy

  1. Free Discovery Call

    Schedule a Free Discovery Call to see if we can help.

  2. Blueprinting Workshop

    Collaborate with us to create a plan through our Software Blueprinting Workshop.

  3. Software Delivery

    Move into the Delivery Phase where LaunchPad Lab will design and develop the solution in ~3-4 months.

  4. Maintenance & Support

    Our Ongoing Success team will make sure your software is proactively maintained and supported over the long-term.

We Have Your Back

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