Staying top of mind is essential for any business, especially in today’s digital age. In order to ensure that your customers are continuously engaging with your products and services, developing brand loyalty is key. At LaunchPad Lab, we specialize in custom application development services designed to help you stay top of mind and increase revenue.

Today, we will be sharing five ways brands can stay top of mind, and in turn, grow their revenue. Schedule a free discovery call with our team today to get started!

1. Implement a Loyalty/Referral Program

Offering loyalty and referral programs can significantly boost customer engagement and word-of-mouth marketing. Utilizing rewards such as discounts, the ability to earn points, or win free products will not only increase customer retention and brand awareness, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Our team at LaunchPad Lab built a mobile application for Isaksen Solar that included a referral functionality that made it easy for current customers to earn $500 by referring friends and family. Once referred, the app also enables users to see the status of their referrals and if they too purchased a solar system from the company.

2. Have an Interactive Online Presence

The days of having a static website are long gone. In fact, having a custom website or mobile application that allows customers to interact with your products and services has a significant impact on customer engagement and keeps your brand top of mind. There are several ways to create an interactive online presence, including providing users the ability to personalize their experience, view product information, check in for appointments, book services, or purchase products.

At LaunchPad Lab, we partner with a variety of businesses and industries to build custom applications that provide a unique and interactive online presence to help them stay top of mind and ultimately provide a digital experience that hooks customers to continue choosing your brand to fulfill their needs.

3. Utilize Automated Notifications

One of the best ways to engage with your customers and stay top of mind is to send automated notifications. Push notifications can give customers immediate updates whenever there is something new or important happening with your product or service—whether it be a sale, update, launch, etc.

In-app notifications are also useful for custom applications as they allow you to communicate directly with users who have downloaded your app. For example, create a pop-up within your application to encourage users to leave a review or rate your app after a positive interaction. This will ensure that your customers stay engaged with your product and will help you build a positive reputation to continue growing your revenue.

In addition to app notifications, there are also opportunities for automated notifications via text and email. Our team was tasked to help Olympus Building Services, a large janitorial service provider, build a scheduling tool with SMS integration that notifies their employees an hour before their shift with a convenient link to their cleaning schedule and tasks for the day. 

4. Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep your company top of mind and drive more revenue. With email marketing, you can send custom offers to current customers and even reach out to potential customers who have expressed an interest in your product or service.

At LaunchPad Lab, we specialize in building websites that integrate with platforms like Salesforce to enable data to sync back and forth, making email marketing simple and effective. This integration allows your team to quickly create custom email campaigns and newsletters that are tailored to the needs of your customers—helping to create a steady flow of sales, leads, and website traffic. 

For Empower Illinois, this integration was a key component in enhancing their process for accepting and confirming a large volume of scholarship applications as well as notifying applicants when their scholarship has been awarded and funded.

5. Offer Customers Industry-Specific Features

Proper custom application development can make a huge difference in staying top of mind with customers and increasing revenue. Having industry-specific tech features like interactive booking calendars, solar usage trackers, and even countdown timers after booking an experience can help your customers stay engaged while providing them with the digital experience they need.

At LaunchPad Lab, we strive to create custom applications that drive customer engagement and meet the specific industry needs of each client. Our team has extensive custom application development experience for several different industries, including tourism, such as zoos and cruise lines. We have partnered with these clients to build custom industry-specific features that have improved the digital experience they provide to their customers, which in turn, has assisted them in reaching their revenue goals.

Let’s Work Together

By implementing these five ways to stay top of mind and grow your revenue, you can ensure that your customers remain engaged with your brand and products. Our team at LaunchPad Lab has the application development expertise needed to help you build custom digital products that will have customers coming back for more time and time again—schedule your free discovery call today!

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