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Mobile Apps need to work across platforms - iOS, Android, Windows, Web - to support all your users.

LaunchPad Lab is a full-service mobile design and development studio that focuses on growing our clients’ businesses.

Building truly engaging and slick user interfaces across all devices is a must. We use the best and most powerful tools such as the Ionic Framework to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. Using Web technologies, we can build a highly performant app that taps into the native functionality of a phone (GPS, Camera, Push Notifications, etc). With Ionic's powerful SDK we can manage a single code base to work across iPhone, Androids, Windows, and Web devices.

Native Apps required a flexible back-end integration with a database and API. Our development team leverages the RESTful APIs and Cloud asset storage to keep your native app performant with a small memory footprint.

With this technology we can support deployments to the app stores (Apple, Google Play) and web. This will set you up for success to reach all your users at launch of your app.

Our Core Services

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Capture images and stories

A Mobile platform designed to capture the images and stories of physical locations that shape your life.
Our team built the entire platform - design, API, image storage, and native app - to make this idea come to life.

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A Mobile platform designed to capture the images and stories of physical locations that shape your life.

Design powered by HTML5 and CSS
Flexible Design

A focus on a clean, simple, and functional user interface.

Powered by HTML and CSS, our native employs use a simple and functional interface of the apps you love. The underlying technology allows the design to work and display beautifully on all current mobile devices. We can customize the look and feel of the application to match your voice and brand identity.

App Stores - Apple, Google, Windows
App Store Deployments

Launch in Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store

The Ionic platform enables us to deploy to multiple app stores - Apple, Google, Windows. In addition, we can deploy a responsive web experience to be accessible with a web browser. Our preferred hosting partner for websites is Heroku.

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