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"LaunchPad Lab used Heroku to power our apps’ complex search functionality and intensive video processing needs.." —Ben Jacobson, Owner, Conifer Research

As an official Heroku Partner, we leverage Heroku's powerful features for our clients such as Dynos, Add-Ons, and Postgres. These tools allow us to develop new products quickly that are also able to easily scale on demand as the product matures.

Our custom web and mobile applications are designed for all devices (web and mobile). Heroku's toolchain enables a custom user experience that can be optimized to meet your business goals and realize your target ROI.

Should you have a need to integrate with Salesforce, we use Heroku Enterprise along with Heroku Connect. Our team of Chicago developers can integrate your customer-facing application to your Salesforce database. This allows for richer customer experiences that seamlessly integrate with your current workflows and CRM.

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Heroku Button
Heroku Button

As a leading design and development firm, we also contribute to open source software. It allows us to give back to the community and help others leverage the work we have done. We built a Heroku Button that makes it painless to create a CMS on Heroku with one click.


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