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One of the most traditional and regulated domains, healthcare is constantly lagging behind in the digital space.The rise of the smartphone, and rapid shift to the digital environment has presented a number of challenges and changes to the way hospitals, patients, and healthcare providers interact. We developed a platform for Context Media to allow hospitals and their employees to interact digitally that solves some of these problems. As the industry rapidly enters the digital world, help your business stay on top with tech that improves patient and provider experiences.


Built for Healthcare

Check out some of the client projects that were built for the healthcare industry.

Context Media

Revolutionizing UX with Context Media

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Md Anderson

Improving cancer research.

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LaunchPad Lab & Healthcare

Healthcare in the digital space has undergone intense scrutiny due to the large amounts of personal data that it possesses. We have the right understanding to build tech that meets all your needs.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    We have worked with several clients to produce applications and websites that meet all HIPAA standards. As well as consulted on compliance best practices.

  • Aptible

    Work with Aptible to secure cloud based architecture meaning your patient data stays safe.

  • Encryption

    All of our projects are built with encryption services. Your sensitive data is encoded and transferred safely through our applications.

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