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Our team of expert developers has experience in building robust, quick, and thorough applications for industry professionals.

Education is constantly updating curriculum and content to adapt to new digital technologies. Why should the administrative side be any different? We have produced applications to cut down on communication deficiencies, dole out millions of dollars in scholarships, and provide educational programs for veterans. While education continually updates material for students, we are working to provide the tech that makes these shifts happen. Take for example our work with Empower Illinois. We built Empower a custom framework to distribute millions of dollars in scholarships to students in need. 

Built for Education

Check out some of the client projects that were built for the education industry.


Finding Veterans Jobs

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Empower Illinois

Agile Scholarship Application Doles out Millions in Aid

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Increase access to arts education in CPS Schools.

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LaunchPad Lab & Education

A complicated and wide ranging field, education is constantly adapting to new regulations and advances. We have the tech to keep up.

  • Privacy

    With hundreds of students, teachers, and administrators in a single school district its necessary that all data is secure.

  • Speed

    When handling the transfer of student data, scholarship applications, and test banks, speed is necessary.

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