College & Career Readiness Program for Students

Recruiting & Admissions

We help you create a seamless and informational experience to support the recruiting, application, and admissions process for students and admissions faculty alike. With a custom-built app, you’ll be able to:

  • Leverage a scalable digital experience to meet enrollment goals and streamline the process.
  • Create high-touch relationships with potential students—from applications to decisions.
  • Unify data and bridge information into actionable insights.

Unified Digital Experience for Change Management

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Knowledge Hubs & eLearning

As online courses become a staple of education systems everywhere, a customized digital experience can give you an edge over your competition. Proprietary software can help you:

  • Create an online community for teachers and students to connect about their studies.
  • Promote self-paced learning through intuitive tools and resources.
  • Differentiate your organization from the competition.
  • Create personalized, engaging learning experiences to make learning accessible across the globe.

Highly Engaging ACT and SAT Test Prep

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Student Experience

Students expect a unique learning experience that matches their learning style—whether that be self-paced learning or live virtual lectures. Your new app or website makes it possible for you to:

  • Manage the student experience at scale through robust technology developed for your organization.
  • Offer resources, experiences, and tools to your teachers, tutors, and faculty.
  • Enrich relationships by providing departments with a 360-view of their students.

Case Studies

  • Prosci

    Creating a Unified Digital Experience

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  • Empower Illinois

    Scholarship Platform Scales to Provide Millions in Education Scholarships

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  • Artlook

    Increase Access to Arts Education in CPS Schools

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