New and improved design resources pop up everyday, but here is a peek into the few that I’ve currently integrated into my daily routine.

Panda – Chrome Extension

Panda is a really convenient design resource that replaces your browser tab and becomes your homepage. It pulls the latest posts and articles from some top design resources like Dribble and DesignCo., and even some development sources like GitHub. There is also a very convenient “Focus Mode” if you don’t want to be sidetracked by awesome design news every time you open a new tab. I find that this is a great way to get a bit of design inspiration in my life between tasks, without it being too distracting.

Awwwards – Website Inspiration

I really like checking out for the latest in website design. Awwwards lets you submit websites and a jury will rate them based on design, usability, creativity, and content. I happen to think the sites they feature are very creatively curated, and they always showcase sites with the latest design trends.

Skillshare – Creative Skills Resource

Before joining the LaunchPad team, I knew I had to get familiar with a few design tools that I hadn’t used previously. Skillshare has proven to be an amazing resource when it comes to sharpening my creative skills, or learning a new skill entirely. They also have a ton informational videos about building your brand and running a business. At the time that I signed up, they had a promotional offer where you received a three month membership for ninety-nine cents, well worth the price of admission.

99% Invisible – Podcast

This is definitely one of my favorite podcasts around. Hosted by Roman Mars, who also happens to be this year’s mediator for the 2016 AIGA design conference, this show gives you design insight into the objects that are ubiquitous to everyday life. You can learn about the architectural design of revolving doors, or you can listen to how Ikea hacking became so popular. This isn’t as much of a design tool as it is entertainment, but it’s lovely to have it playing in the background while you’re working. You can listen to my favorite 99PI episode here.

Ultralinx – Design Blog

Ultralinx is a design blog comparable to Fast DesignCo., but I’ve been able to snag a few live context resources from this site that we’re very useful. This site has a ton of tech related articles, product reviews, and creative inspiration to keep me coming back on a regular basis.

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