I’ve lived in the suburbs my whole life (aside from my 4 years away at college), but with a job in the city, my commute is a whopping 2 hours…one way. You probably think I’m crazy. But I love my hometown and I love my job. This commute includes a 25 minute car ride to the train, a 1 hour train ride, and 35 minute walk to work. Eventually my fiancé and I will move closer to work, but until then I had to find some ways to make the most of my commute on the train.

Some things I try to avoid:

Things I try to do:

Monique Silva

Director of Design

Monique's interest in design started at a young age, but it wasn't until going to school at the University of Illinois that she discovered her love of UX & UI design. With degrees in both Graphic Design and Psychology, she has developed a strong understanding of how design can enrich a user's overall experience. She also enjoys running outdoors, reading, and baking/eating plenty of baked goods.

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