On a brick wall in our office hang a series of posters highlighting the values core to our work at LaunchPad. One of my favorites is Code for Change.

Code for Change

What does this mean to us? Two things:

Modular Code

How well your code adapts to change is what separates good coders from great ones. Is your code difficult and time-consuming to update in response to new or altered product requirements? Hopefully not.

There is a saying amongst coders that goes something like:

You’ll never know less about the problem you are trying to solve than right now.

With this harsh reality, anticipating change and building your codebase accordingly is the hallmark of great development.


Automated tests, APIs, and services are some of the tools we use to help us be more effective at managing change. It is a constant challenge for us to improve how we use these tools. In this way, we can be the most agile and proactive to application change and scaling.

Impactful Code

We tend to think of ourselves as entrepreneurial coders. To us, this means building applications and products that make a difference in the real world. Whatever problem an application attempts to solve, we challenge ourselves to develop code that drives an impactful solution.

It is not enough just to write beautiful, object-oriented, and well-tested code. What we build must have an impact. In this way, our code becomes a living and breathing entity, adept at responding to changes in its environment. I use this biology metaphor to emphasize how the products we build grow and evolve to meet the challenges and demands of its surroundings – in this case, users.

While short and concise at only 3 words, Code for Change in action ensures what we build gets better to provide even more value to businesses and ultimately their customers.

Brendan Hennessy

Co Founder & CTO

Never stop building. Brendan manifests this passion, first seen in his love for Legos, by creating and building web products. He relies upon his formal background as an engineer to solve problems. His experience in both front- and back-end development is invaluable to making ideas come to life.

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