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Join Ryan Francis, President of LaunchPad Lab, and Matt Jackson, a seasoned Salesforce Developer at LaunchPad Lab, as they delve into the transformative power of Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) for Salesforce Experience Cloud.

This insightful webinar unpacks the game-changing benefits of LWR over its predecessor, Aura, providing a comprehensive guide to harnessing its potential for building modern, high-performance applications and portals.

Topics We Cover:

  • The Basics of LWR

    Understand the fundamentals of Lightning Web Runtime and why it’s a pivotal upgrade for Salesforce Experience Cloud, offering enhanced performance and a modernized architecture.

  • Key Advantages Over Aura

    Discover the significant performance improvements, modern security frameworks, and increased developer flexibility LWR brings to the table, setting a new standard for Salesforce development.

  • Practical Insights for Developers

    Gain valuable insights into leveraging LWR, including tips on utilizing modern JavaScript development practices, integrating third-party libraries, and optimizing for mobile responsiveness.

  • Migration Path from Aura to LWR

    Learn the strategic considerations and steps involved in migrating from Aura to LWR, ensuring a smooth transition to take advantage of LWR’s advanced capabilities.

Who Should Watch

  • Technology Leaders

    CTOs, CIOs, and tech leaders making strategic decisions on technology stacks and platforms will understand how LWR aligns with modern development practices and enhances Salesforce investments.

  • Business Decision-Makers

    Business leaders overseeing customer-facing portals, apps, and digital experiences on Salesforce will learn how LWR can significantly impact customer satisfaction, performance, and overall digital strategy.

  • Salesforce Developers and Architects

    Those deeply involved in Salesforce development will find critical insights into leveraging LWR for future-proofing their projects and streamlining development processes.

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