Our Proven Process for Building Winning Legal Technology Products

Each project has its own set of requirements, yet there is a common pattern in end-to-end software projects: starting with discovery, moving through design and development phases, and ending with the launch of a new product. Our approach is adaptable, drawing on tools and strategies refined through years of experience in developing several legal technology solutions.

  • Legal Tech Blueprinting Workshop

    • A collaborative process with your team to develop a Product Blueprint that turns ideas into actionable, outcome-driven plans.
    • Innovative and user-centered product design that aligns your product with user needs and business goals. 
    • A complete technical development plan matching the right technologies with your product needs to create high-impact results.

  • Intuitive and Innovative Software Design

    • Our team conducts in-depth user research to ensure that the product solves real user problems. 
    • We create detailed wireframes to account for every user interaction, ensuring that the application works as well as it looks.
    • Our designers apply human-centered design to legal tech to create intuitive digital experiences.

  • Collaborative and Transparent Software Development

    • We use an agile software development process to ensure that our teams are aligned every step of the way. 
    • Our team is well-versed in the latest software development technologies and techniques to help your product stay ahead of the curve.
    • We partner with your team to develop a technology roadmap that prioritizes your most important objectives.

It's not just about writing code; it's about building transformative legal technology products.

LaunchPad Lab is not just another tech company; we are your partner in navigating the landscape of legal technology.

  • Cross-Functional Teams

    Our team of product managers, designers, and developers, works collaboratively to craft custom legal tech solutions.

  • Speed and Quality

    We ensure high productivity coupled with excellence, leveraging our expertise and advanced tools for efficient product delivery.

  • Secure Protection

    We prioritize data security to ensure the protection of your clients and your reputation.

  • Iterative Approach

    We adopt a flexible and collaborative development process, constantly aligning our strategies with your evolving legal tech needs.

Don’t just take our word for it

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Their strength is their phenomenal ability to take our vision, understand it, and develop it. They found a way to implement our vision of the platform.”
    Joshua Woodworth

    Director of Operations

  • Their attention to detail in the discovery process, and their selective choice of questioning is what really stood out to me. The information they were able to gather from each business unit provided insights that have evolved beyond just our website and have moved on to shaping many aspects of our overall marketing strategy.”
    Growth Product Manager

    Amplify Credit Union

  • We were having a hard time defining what a path forward would look like, and working with LaunchPad Lab helped us see what the path forward could be. We were able to better identify what we could do now and what we should save for later.”
    Steven Shewfelt

    Director of Data & Research

  • LaunchPad is absolutely interested in our success as an organization. They see our success as an indicator of their success, versus other outsourced type of arrangements where frankly it's, "Hey, we coded this. It's done to spec. If you don't like it, you should've written a different spec." I got none of that working with LaunchPad Lab. They're in it with us all the way.”
    Neil Morgan


  • The biggest reason I would recommend LaunchPad Lab is their ability to take what we had envisioned and, instead of being order takers, be actual contributors and collaborators to get us where we need to. They are not afraid to challenge what they don't believe is right.”
    Arman Ghosh


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