At LaunchPad Lab, when we’re not working on impactful projects such as helping folks with Macular Degeneration or lending a hand in the fight for a cure, we like to let loose and work on some fun side projects. Fortunately, we have periodic Demo Days where we get to present our experiments to the group, get feedback, and support each other’s interests.

For our most recent Demo Day, I decided to focus on improving something I love: playing pick-up basketball.

The Problem

After years of playing in cities all over the country, it’s become clear to me that organizing pick-up games is more art than science. Whether the next team is determined on a first-come-first-serve basis, by trying to equalize everyone’s playing-time, or anything and everything in between, pick-up games still require a lot of manual organization. This has negatively impacted my playing-time, fun, and much-needed exercise.

The Solution

OpenGym is a mobile and tablet application that eases the pain of managing a pick-up game by automatically selecting the next team using whichever method you want. It also allows players to check-in remotely, tracks individual win-loss records and can be used to communicate between players and whoever is in charge of organizing the game.

Screenshot of Open Gym sign up page

While OpenGym won’t make me 10 years younger or fix my jumpshot, it does make playing pick-up just a little more fun, no matter the sport or the player!

Got next?

So join me on the hardwood or come by our office and lets chat about how we can help you make an impact.

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