Here are the very best articles we’ve found this week. Enjoy!


What I learned in two years of moving government forms online – A look at how Boston moved from paper forms and PDFs to online forms. “On average, it took me about 30 minutes to make a digital form and five weeks to meet with, earn the trust of, and get buy-in from the employees who would use it.”

10 things I learned from Jason Fried about Building Products – This is a nice summary of a recent interview with Jason Fried. Jason’s comment that you can only iterate on a product after it’s shipped prompted the interview. In other words, get your product out there. I highly recommend watching the entire interview.

The User Onboarding Academy – An excellent collection of user onboarding strategies and examples. Ignore onboarding at your own risk.


Pricing low-touch SaaS – Detailed studies from Stripe on how to approach pricing and packaging a new SaaS app.


The Clearest Articulation Of A Marketing Roadmap – Tomasz Tunguz breaks down marketing in just a few paragraphs.


Choosing Web Fonts: A Beginner’s Guide – I’ve spent more time than I care to admit trying different fonts. This is a solid guide from Google on the key questions to ask before choosing a font.

Really Good Emails – Just like the title says: a nice collection of really good emails.


Six space technologies we can use to improve life on Earth – Six technologies developed for space exploration that can contribute to sustainable development across the world—from observation satellites that provide information to aid organizations to medical research on microgravity that can be used to improve health care on Earth.

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