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Designing modern search experiences – Search is one of those features that on the surface seems straightforward to design and build, but never is. Our Head of Product Paul Gonzalez gives his take on designing modern search experiences.

What affects customer motivation? – “Even a price-conscious customer will jump over hurdles, bypass objections, and get to the sale faster when they’re motivated.”


The business of SaaS – An epic guide from Stripe on why SaaS businesses work and how to grow them.


How to create legal monopolies via network effects and economic moats – Create legal monopolies to prevent competition from entering in your market.

Scott Weisman

Co Founder & CEO

Combining his 7 years of law experience and love for technology, Scott built WarRoom Law. By tapping into his creative streak, he has developed an intuitive sense of front end design and coding. Always current on the latest products in the tech world, Scott has an intimate understanding of product design and development.

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