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Why Software is the Ultimate Business Model – If Warren Buffett were 30 years old today, would he invest in software?

How to categorize expenses in a SaaS startup – A helpful how-to on setting up your books properly so you have solid visibility in to where you’re money is going.


Premortem: Prevent Failures by Recognizing Patterns – When kicking off your next big project, add a “pre-mortem” to the agenda to encourage team members/stakeholders to learn from past challenges and recognize problems before they derail the project.

Eight Essential Steps to Reducing Product Risk –  one of the biggest risks when starting a new business is accidentally building something people won’t use, or for which they won’t pay. This article provides some ideas on how to validate your idea to reduce the risk of building the wrong thing.


Building Successful IoT Products – In this webinar series, we’re looking at the key factors that drive successful release and adoption of new IoT (Internet of Things) products.

Red Car for the Red Planet – An interesting podcast that tells the story of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, from inception through development, a personal account of the launch, and the future of the rocket.


Things To Consider When Designing Your Startup’s Logo – How should you think about designing your startup’s logo?

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