With 90% of Fortune 500 companies utilizing Salesforce, its unrivaled power and scalability are undeniable. Embracing Salesforce empowers small to medium-sized businesses with the same cutting-edge technology and competitive advantage that have propelled these Fortune 500 companies to new heights. But deciding to move to Salesforce—particularly if you’ve been using existing technologies for a long time—requires careful consideration.

Signs Your Business Will Benefit from Moving to Salesforce

Staying ahead of the competition requires more than just keeping up with the latest trends. It demands a comprehensive understanding of your customers, streamlined operations, and a personalized approach to every interaction. Below we’ll highlight key signs that indicate your business is in a place where you could greatly benefit from adopting Salesforce technology.

You Need Centralized Data

The Salesforce Customer 360 concept gathers and organizes customer data at every step of their journey. With the Salesforce CRM, teams can have a holistic view of each user—and their entire history with a business.

You Need Better Analytics and Reporting

Are you keeping customer details in spreadsheets and your sales team needs help navigating a messy, disorganized system? If you’re losing valuable customer data or lacking a single source of truth for customer information, using a Salesforce org solution will streamline your entire business model and lead to improved customer interactions.

You Need a Scalable Solution

If your business grew from 12 employees to 212 employees this year, would your technology be able to support your team and your customers? One of the many reasons teams choose Salesforce is thanks to its infinitely scalable possibilities. As your business continues to grow, Salesforce has the capabilities to keep up—and streamline daily operations for teams.

You Want to Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Leveraging the Salesforce ecosystem provides teams with increased visibility across departments and deeper insights into customers. Plus, with Salesforce’s suite of automation tools—such as Approvals, Process Builder, and Workflow—it’s easy to automate repetitive processes, boosting overall productivity and enhancing collaboration.

You Want a More Personalized Customer Experience

If you’re sending the same type of offers and messages to all your customers and prospects, your business is missing a key opportunity to target your clients effectively. By leveraging Salesforce, it’s far easier to target prospects based on their industry, location, stage of the buying process, and other key elements.

Things to Consider Before Switching to Salesforce

If you’ve decided that Salesforce is the best option for your business, preparation is key. Start with these key steps before moving your business to Salesforce and ensure a seamless transition:

Identify Your Vision

What is the ideal outcome of switching to Salesforce? We recommend sitting down with key stakeholders to discuss your shared vision of leveraging Salesforce for your organization.

Evaluate Your Current Business Processes

What is your team or organization currently leveraging for daily operations and activities, such as managing customer relationships or sending marketing communications? What areas of your business could be improved by using the Salesforce suite of technology?

Understand the Salesforce Ecosystem

Because Salesforce is a large and interconnected ecosystem with several services and solutions, carve out some time with your team to better understand the Salesforce ecosystem and determine what products are best suited for your needs.

Develop a Plan for Implementation and Migration

Depending on the amount of customer, sales, or marketing data you have and your current processes, developing a plan for implementation and migration to Salesforce is vital. Many businesses may choose to leverage a vendor for custom Salesforce development, ensuring that each solution fits their needs.

Train Your Team

Once all of your data has been effectively migrated over and you have a new system in place for daily operations, schedule a series of training sessions for your team. Boosting confidence with Salesforce is one of the most important parts of the transition process—by empowering your team with information and resources, they will feel equipped to adopt the technology seamlessly.

LaunchPad Lab Is Here to Help

As a Salesforce partner, LaunchPad Lab helps our clients navigate the implementation and migration to Salesforce so that teams can get the most out of their technology. 

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