At LaunchPad Lab we get asked to tackle a lot of big problems. When a client comes to us with a big idea it’s our job to break it down into something we can work with. We’ve found that getting the big problem down to small, actionable pieces lets us move the project a long quickly and avoids analysis paralysis, which can cripple even the strongest among us.

This mindset works for personal projects and ambitions, too. Around the office we talk about “being green” and what that means to us. Those discussions always orbit a particularly large problem: reducing human impact on the environment.

This problem is large and it’s hard to feel your personal impact on it. There are large forces at work and individual contributions can feel small and un-impactful. That feeling often defeats people before they start. There’s a sense of, “where do I even begin?”, that’s eerily similar to the analysis paralysis we come across in our work lives.

At LaunchPad we’re trying to break down the problem and we’re starting small. At a company level we’re reducing waste by implementing recycling and compost programs. Individually we each contribute in small ways, and we’ve decided to share those tricks we’ve learned. That’s why we’ve built ecobyte, which helps us keep each other informed and motivated.

The site is a gathering place for tips on how to reduce your environmental impact. We’re starting small, with a simple SMS service that’ll deliver a green tip each week. The idea is that these tips will help us build an arsenal of eco-tricks that’ll help us make a positive impact.

We’d like for you to join us! As our community grows so will Ecobyte, and we hope that it’ll become a go-to resource for information on living green — whatever that means to you.

Keep in touch with LaunchPad and sign up for our green tips at

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