Last Saturday I had the pleasure of speaking at the Glapitnova discussion festival. They had an amazing group of speakers who included professional and world champion athletes, award-winning musicians, successful business owners and entrepreneurs at four different locations on Milwaukee Avenue. I was honored to be a part of it.

My talk was about taking your idea and making it real.

Too many people have great ideas but don’t know how to execute them. Many times either their ideas do not come to fruition or someone else with the necessary knowledge base is first to market. LaunchPad Lab is out to change that and level the playing field. My talk explained the road map that we use as we design and build your idea.

That design process is a large part of what we do at LaunchPad Lab and our client’s see it as one of the most valuable parts of working with us. We take the time to understand their business and what their ideas really entail. We use this knowledge to design applications that will connect with their users and ensure the success of the business.

Every great idea needs great execution. Developing that idea into a successful web business is where we thrive.

Many thanks to Glappitnova for putting on such an inspiring event. There was a lot to take away from all the speakers and I can’t wait until the next one.

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