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Mobile isn’t killing Desktop

The growth in mobile use isn’t to the detriment of desktop. Mobile is growing to 50% use, but that doesn’t mean that people spend less time on desktops, they are just spending more time over all. They are doubling their time on all computer devices. So many implications!

User-centered design

We focus on user-centered design in all the projects we build. The basic premise, the article explains, is that people shouldn’t have to adjust their behavior to products. The products should fit into the behavior or the people. User-centered design has a large monetary and social impact on the companies that we work with and this article shows how important it is to global health.

Are Venture Capital funds being disrupted?

Interest rates have stayed low as the economy continues to grow. As investor money continues to flow into alternative investments such as VC firms, are the VC firms themselves ripe for disruption?

Does your business have automatic churn?

Dating apps are an important category in the web/mobile world. The important challenge with these businesses is that if you are successful for your customer, they don’t need you any more (churn). Andrew Chen does a great job explaining it in this article. Dating app or not, it’s important to know if your business has built-in churn and to create a game plan for it.

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