At LaunchPad Lab, we are constantly on the search for technology that helps solve content challenges for clients. Today, we’re sharing how we used Contentful to help Francis Lofts & Bunks build a high-ranking SEO machine. 

About Francis Lofts and Bunks 

Francis Lofts & Bunks is an e-commerce website selling contemporary adult-sized loft and bunk beds. Despite the brand’s success, it had struggled with outdated branding and lacked a user-friendly website. Made from an out-of-the-box solution, the brand needed additional customization options to truly connect with its customers. 

Our Solution 

To help the Francis Lofts and Bunks team navigate site maintenance and frequent updates, the LaunchPad Lab team suggested building a new site on Contentful. 

Contentful is a headless content management platform—meaning the content repository is separated from the presentation layer and user interface. By separating the content from the code, Contentful serves as a multichannel solution for publishing dynamic content, elevating SEO performance, and making it easy to update. 

We recommended Contentful to Francis Lofts and Bunks for a few reasons, including:

How Contentful Helped Francis Lofts and Bunks

As the LaunchPad Lab started to build the new Francis Lofts and Bunks website, we began by analyzing the overall website structure. Previously, their website had one product page for all products. Now, the website has a much more thoughtful and easy-to-navigate architecture. 

With the updated site structure—and the user-friendly pages—Francis Lofts and Bunks have noticed incredible outcomes in regard to their SEO ranking and traffic. Within the first year of launching the new Contentful website, they noticed impressive revenue improvements. Within two years of having the new site, the brand was able to decrease its marketing spend by 10 percent. 

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