The healthcare industry evolves nearly every day, led by cutting-edge science and research, and driving an ongoing need for digital experiences. Healthcare experiences deserve to be personal, uniquely designed for users, and agile enough to adapt to the future.

Today, we at LaunchPad Lab are sharing our approach to supporting a kidney disease dialysis company to create a secure digital patient portal, streamlining the daily process of performing home dialysis and connecting patients with educational materials.  

The Challenge

The diagnosis of kidney disease has a life-altering impact on a person’s daily routines. The disease requires the patient to mechanically filter waste from the kidneys on a regular basis through dialysis—a procedure that can be done at a doctor’s office or at home. 

Roughly one in eight dialysis patients choose to perform the task at home, a decision that can offer more flexibility, control, and improve a patient’s general quality of life. However, the process can often be overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. In addition to communicating with clinicians and insurance companies, patients also need to regularly obtain basic supplies from manufacturers and ensure that they have sufficient education and training to perform the process on themselves.  

The Process

With the goal of disrupting the status quo and providing patients with an innovative, efficient, and streamlined experience, our digital product agency envisioned a secure patient portal where patients could log in, order the supplies they need, view educational videos and training materials, and connect with customer support as needed. 

This user-friendly portal could serve as a powerful digital experience, providing a reliable and centralized resource hub for patients suffering from kidney disease. 

When navigating new projects, the LaunchPad Lab process typically includes a few key steps:

The Outcome

An authenticated patient portal provides individuals suffering from kidney disease with personalized support and guidance as they navigate their disease. Through regulatory training, education, and reliable customer support, patients can access the tools they need—and feel supported during the process. 

Plus, leveraging a portal designed specifically for a patient to manage their disease at home can empower them to access a library of resources, order new supplies, and track their health outcomes.   

Beyond creating a better user experience for their patients, this home dialysis company also gains internal benefits as an organization with their new portal, such as integrating portal data with their Salesforce organization and automating several manual processes. Having access to a 360-degree view of a customer—including visibility into their past orders and previous support requests—also enables internal teams to provide better customer service.

How We Can Help

At LaunchPad Lab, we partner with healthcare providers, healthcare payers, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, and device manufacturers to develop digital products that help you create better connections and experiences for your users.

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