AI is quickly evolving and revolutionizing the way we experience digital applications. From automated searches to intake forms, AI can be leveraged in various ways to create unique and personalized user experiences. In this post, LaunchPad Lab shares five key ways that AI is disrupting application and user experiences.

1. Search Bars

Large companies like Amazon, Zillow, and Spotify are using AI and machine learning to improve the search experience by analyzing and understanding user behavior, and by using that information to provide more accurate and relevant search results.

For example, Spotify’s search bar uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand the user’s query and provide accurate search results, including songs, playlists, and podcasts. Rather than needing rigid and exact search terms, NLP allows users to use synonyms and paraphrase what they are looking for and still receive accurate results. In the example below, this improves the user’s ability to find relevant podcasts.

example of spotify's podcast search results

Conversational AI, like ChatGPT, could take this a step further by engaging the user in a short conversation — asking questions to better understand the user’s wants and needs related to their initial search. This provides an even more personalized search experience, as the AI could offer more personalized recommendations that perfectly meet each user’s needs. Businesses can use these tools to drive improved user satisfaction and business growth.

2. Discovery and Inspiration

Similarly, the vast research capabilities of AI can be used to help users discover new products and content. By leveraging AI-driven algorithms, the suggestions and recommendations are tailored to each user’s interests and needs. This provides a more meaningful discovery experience for the user — one that is less overwhelming than traditional search experiences as it would take into account the user’s preferences.

For example, in the travel industry, Expedia recently launched an in-app beta using ChatGPT to provide the user with a conversational experience to discuss travel plan options. By having a quick, personal conversation with the generative AI chatbot, the user can learn more about different travel destinations that they are considering, while also having the chance to ask specific questions such as the best times of the year to visit particular destinations or recommendations on hotels/resorts in the area.

3. Intake Forms and Data Collection

AI-driven intake forms can help streamline the data collection process by providing a more contextual understanding of the user’s requirements. This creates a smoother, more intuitive experience as the generative AI infers what additional questions it needs to ask to accurately capture all of the necessary information.

4. Visuals

AI is also being used to generate visuals from text. This can help improve the user’s experience by quickly visualizing the content they are interacting with — whether it be a product description, a recipe, or data. AI-generated visuals will help users better understand and interact with the content.

For example, Open-AI’s DALL·E has become a front-runner in AI-generated visuals. For instance, it can turn a product’s text description into a detailed image for users. As this text-to-image AI technology continues to advance, it will likely be integrated into different web and mobile applications to enhance user experiences.

Example of DALL·E generating an image from a product description.

5. User-Generated Visuals

AI has become more widely utilized to help users create their own visuals on platforms such as Canva and PicsArt. By leveraging image recognition and natural language processing technologies, AI can quickly generate personalized images and visuals for the user in real-time — allowing them to customize the visuals based on their exact specifications.

Our Dedication to Innovation

As AI becomes even more capable, the possibilities are limitless. What interests you in the ways that AI could disrupt the web and user experience for your business? At LaunchPad Lab, we are dedicated to using innovative technologies to create web and mobile apps for businesses. 

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