Build Something That Lasts

Anyone can make software, but very few succeed in creating products.

Products are software solutions that succeed in delivering real value to its users while growing and supporting its broader organization.

  • Market Fit

    Offers the right solution, which is often not the obvious one.

  • Great Design

    Delivers an intuitive user experience and an artistic visual design.

  • Quality Code

    Contains well-written code that is easy to maintain.

  • Profitable

    Sustains and grows a profit stream or delivers ROI to its owners.

  • Outcome Driven

    Is built by individuals who care about the outcomes.

  • Cutting Edge

    Utilizes the best resources and technologies for the problem.

We have developed an approach that minimizes the risk inherent in building software.

  • Collaborative

    We take a cross-functional approach by pulling product managers, designers, and developers into the process.

  • Transparent

    We provide a realistic plan when it comes to what can be done within a certain budget and timeline.

  • Iterative

    We share our expert opinion on potential routes we could go down and create a tailored plan alongside our clients.

  • Actionable

    The plan we put together is mapped out into approachable phases that align with our client’s business goals and budget.

What You Get

The Product Blueprint

At the completion of the workshop, the client receives a Product Blueprint, which serves as the foundation for the product development phase. The Blueprint typically includes 6 core components:

  • Project Charter

    A reference point throughout the project’s lifecycle and provides a clear direction for the project to proceed.

  • Story Map

    Captures and organizes user stories, features, or product requirements in a chronological or thematic order to guide the development process.

  • Assumption Inventory

    Essential for alignment during the project, enabling the team to assess potential risks, make informed decisions, and ensure that the project stays on track.

  • Estimates and Roadmap

    Planning and forecasting the project timeline and resource allocation for efficient project management and delivery.

  • Product Design Strategy

    A holistic approach to creating an innovative and user-centered solution that aligns with business goals.

  • Technical Strategy

    Planning for scalability and future developments is a key aspect of technical strategy.

Don’t just take our word for it

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Their strength is their phenomenal ability to take our vision, understand it, and develop it. They found a way to implement our vision of the platform.”
    Joshua Woodworth

    Director of Operations

  • Their attention to detail in the discovery process, and their selective choice of questioning is what really stood out to me. The information they were able to gather from each business unit provided insights that have evolved beyond just our website and have moved on to shaping many aspects of our overall marketing strategy.”
    Growth Product Manager

    Amplify Credit Union

  • We were having a hard time defining what a path forward would look like, and working with LaunchPad Lab helped us see what the path forward could be. We were able to better identify what we could do now and what we should save for later.”
    Steven Shewfelt

    Director of Data & Research

  • LaunchPad is absolutely interested in our success as an organization. They see our success as an indicator of their success, versus other outsourced type of arrangements where frankly it's, "Hey, we coded this. It's done to spec. If you don't like it, you should've written a different spec." I got none of that working with LaunchPad Lab. They're in it with us all the way.”
    Neil Morgan


  • The biggest reason I would recommend LaunchPad Lab is their ability to take what we had envisioned and, instead of being order takers, be actual contributors and collaborators to get us where we need to. They are not afraid to challenge what they don't believe is right.”
    Arman Ghosh


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